A/N First a warning that there is sexiness in this chapter, it will be explicit but you’ve already been on that journey with me before so you should know what to expect.  And a very big thank you to Rae D Magdon, for looking the sex scene bit over.

Day 2 Normandy refit – Omega

The deep throbbing pulsating beat hit her body as soon as she moved up to the entrance; she didn’t need to wait in line.

Tash was known, she was one of Aria’s merc’s and, more importantly, she was one of Liselle’s lover’s.

With a nod to the Batarian and Turian door guards she moved into the long corridor leading to the main floor of Afterlife.  The electronic techno beat fitting her mood which was bolstered with Videlicet and Elasa the only liquor available on the flight from Thessia.

Tash moved with practised ease through the crowds who were waiting to be served at the bar. She continued on along the edge of the dance floor, her eyes searching for only one person, one very particular Asari. 

Then she caught sight of Liselle dancing with her usual group of friends, Tash elbowed her way through until she put herself directly in Liselle’s eye line; and when the Asari saw her the reaction was just what she hoped for.

“Tasha you bastard your back,” with a huge smile the Asari launched herself at the smiling Tash who held her arms open.

They fell into a long and very passionate kiss; Tash could feel the heat of lust rising through her body, a lust that was returned.

When they broke apart the little group broke away, but as she was about to speak a human male came towards them with drinks in his hand.  Tash caught the slight shake of Liselle head and he redirected himself to a booth on the side of the dance floor.

Tash wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of their reunion but she stored it away for later, instead she leaned in and said, “I’ve missed you gorgeous how about we do some catching up, in private.”

With a smile Liselle caught hold of Tash’s hand and lead her off the dance floor.  She had the use of a suite of rooms in the club and they headed for one of the private exits at the back of the room.

Neither of them noticed Aria watching them from her usual balcony above the dance floor.  Her face was unreadable but when she sat back down she called Grizz, one of her Turian guards, over to speak to her.

“When Mikhailovich surfaces from her visit with Liselle I want to see her, and Grizz be discreet.”  The big Turian nodded and left to take up a position with a view of the exit from the private apartments.

Once they were in her apartment, Liselle started to undress Tash. She removed her jacket and weapons, and then pulled at her shirt, almost ripping it apart. All the time, they continued moving towards the bedroom.

Throwing Tash down on the bed, Liselle finished undoing the buttons on the leather trousers and pulled them off in one fluid motion, leaving her standing as she looked down at her lover.

“Hey, beautiful, am I the only one getting my clothes off?” Tash drawled, still slightly drunk, but sobering up fast.

In answer, Liselle flicked a control and the music from the main dance floor poured into the room. She began removing her clothes, dancing at the same time. Tash watched her with hungry eyes. Every move, every curve, she knew intimately, and she knew what was coming.

Once naked, Liselle finished undressing Tash and knelt above her, leaning down so their breasts were touching. She kissed the human – hard, wanting, needy kisses. Tash moved her hands to Liselle’s hips and encouraged the movement that her lover had started. Rubbing their heat against each other, feeling the ripples of sensation as they put pressure on their hardened clits, their wetness growing with expectation.

Liselle cupped one of Tash’s breasts while flicking her thumb across its hard nipple, her other hand playing through fair hair as they continued to exchange deep tongued kisses. Their breath came in short gasps, hearts pounding, bodies tingling with expectation.

Finally, Liselle broke away. She sat back up on her knees and traced a line with her fingers from Tash’s mouth down between heaving breasts, past the hard muscled stomach to a point just above the hairline of her cunt and felt with a finger for a slight indentation. Then, with a knowing smile, she pushed.

The implant triggered a six inch haptic interfaced dildo, covering and providing full sensory feedback to Tash’s clit. This had been a very expensive present from Liselle, and it was programmed only to activate on her touch.

Liselle eyed the extension and smiled, she reached down with her hand, her fingers not quite meeting around its girth.  Tash let out a low moan that stayed in the back of her throat as she felt Liselle’s hand tighten around the shaft.

Liselle began pumping her hand up and down, feeling the skin like cover move over the hard, hot and throbbing cock, as Tash had named it.

The Asari shifted her weight slightly and moved backwards so that she could bend forward.  As she moved her mouth closer to the hot and pulsing tip of the shaft Liselle felt her lover’s body stiffen under her.

Tash sought out Liselle’s eyes which were shifting to black and watched her lover’s mouth open to enclose her hard and sensitive cock. Tash felt Liselle’s presence in her mind and then, as their nervous systems aligned, throughout her body.

They began to feel their desires, needs, and pleasure reflected, their need for release echoed in each other.

Liselle took the shaft into her mouth bobbing her head up and down, allowing her lips and the edge of her teeth to slide up and down the length of the warm and hard cock.

Through the meld Tash could feel the empty space at Liselle’s core, the need to bury Tash deep inside her, to ride her until they both came.  If she could have reached Tash would have buried her fingers deep and hard into Liselle’s hot, wet, centre. 

As Tash thought it Liselle also felt the desire and doubled her efforts taking the whole of the cock inside her mouth, it’s sensitive tip now hitting the back of her throat on every downward movement.

They both felt the climax building as Tash put her hands on the back of Liselle’s head pushing in rhythm with her movement, her hips coming up to meet the hungry blue lipped mouth. Tash’s fingers working the sensitive, erogenous areas of her lovers crest.

Then with a final rush of release Tash felt the orgasm explode from the tip of the shaft and ripple down its length and across her body at the same time Liselle’s answering orgasm exploded through her body.

Liselle sucked a little to make sure she had drained her lover of cum and then sat up a satisfied look on her face, “and who does this belong to Tash?” she said with predatory grin.

“All yours darlin… all yours,” Tash was still feeling both her and Liselle’s aftershocks.  They were still in the meld and Tash had a pretty good idea of what was coming next.

“And you’re hard whenever I want you…” as Liselle was speaking she moved up onto her knees and positioned herself above the still hard and throbbing shaft.  With her left hand she guided the tip to her hot and very wet entrance, stroking it along her slit and up onto her ‘clit a few times before lowering herself down and burying the whole of the cock inside her.

A gasp escaped Tash’s lips as Liselle moaned in pleasure. Moving slowly, Liselle worked backwards and forwards, both of them feeling the building sensations rolling through their bodies.

Tash watched as Liselle moved over her, head thrown back, her beautiful neck exposed.  She could feel the Asari all around her cock, feel herself moving across the small ridges inside her lovers centre, could feel her hard, sensitive clit inside Liselle.

In unison, they changed movement now, Liselle moving up and down on the shaft, Tash’s hands on her hips encouraging her to move more quickly.  Tash raised her hips to meet her lover on the downward stroke with an added thrust.

They could feel their heat, the wet spilling from Liselle’s core and building up in Tash’s cock.

Her hands moved from the Asari’s hips to her breasts and felt them move against her palms as Liselle rocked against her heat. Through the meld they both felt the rising tension, the need for release, and the pleasure flashing through their bodies. She began to lose the sense of where she ended and her lover began.

They were well matched as lovers, enjoying hard physical sex with plenty of variation, and sometimes even game playing. But tonight, there was no need of games. They had missed each other. Tonight, it was about want and satisfaction.

Tash knew Liselle was close to coming so she flipped her onto her back and began to move in and almost out of her lover with more and more urgency. Liselle drew her knees back to allow her lover as deep inside her core as possible.

Liselle grabbed a handful of Tash’s hair, and in turn, Tash held her lover’s throat, the pain only adding to their excitement.

They came together in a crashing release of passion as their joint orgasm ripped through them.

Tash raised herself onto her elbows but remained buried inside Liselle as she sought out her lovers lips.  This time their kisses were softer, tongues playfully teasing, their hunger for each other satisfied, for now.

“I really have been used to you being her this past year Tasha, if you start making me miss you I will have to hurt you.” Liselle’s words were playful and she smiled but Tash felt the edge of the feelings that Liselle had for her.  That, if Tash was really honest with herself, she also had for Liselle.

But they pushed them away, denied them; both knowing to acknowledge them would create a shit storm of problems for both of them.

“Yeah well just remember I’m your favourite, reliable, go-to screw buddy, so whenever you need a good fuck, you make sure you call me.” Tash didn’t want to think about the others that Liselle had sex with.

This possessiveness Tash was feeling was completely new.  They always told each other in detail about their sexual conquests, it often added to their own sexual activity. 

But something inside Tash was changing.  It was as if all the compartments she lived her life in were breaking apart and merging into one very fucked up whole.

“Geez I’m thirsty, that’s your fault pulling all that juice of me, can I get you something,” Tash asked as she slowly and gently withdrew from inside Liselle’s warm, soft core.

The movement drew a soft moan from her lover and a catch of breath in her own throat.

Tash got up to get them a drink, but once back in bed, it wasn’t long before they started again. Liselle found Tash’s heat with her fingers, and it was only after they had explored each other and climaxed four more times that they fell into exhausted sleep.

Liselle felt herself coming back to consciousness and rolled over onto her back. Through squinting eyes, she looked at the light spilling from the bathroom and the silhouette of a figure outlined there.

Tash leaned one shoulder against the doorframe with a cigar between her lips and a crooked smile, arms crossed and still naked.

“Didn’t want to smoke in bed. Sorry if I woke you, Leese.” Tash’s deep voice was unusually soft.

“I don’t care if you smoke in bed, you know that. What the hell time is it?” Liselle looked at the display on the bedside table. It was almost lunchtime.

“Mmmm, that was some homecoming, but I’m still pissed that you took off with just a vid message. You always tell me when you’re off on one of your private jobs. And why the hell didn’t you ever tell me you were related to Shepard? I had to hear that from Aria.” Liselle had sat up, and her tone was light, but Tash could hear real annoyance in her voice.

Tash moved back to the bed. She sat down with her back to Liselle and tried to get her shit together, but could feel her self control slipping away.

“Tash when we met five years ago you were a fuckin mess, slipping into serious drug taking, taking stupid risks, almost like you had a death wish… you were never any good at talking about anything but you let me in… I know you have this big wall inside, you have some kind of big fuckin secret thing going on and it’s all dark and dangerous but you know that’s not why we’re together… I know you from when we meld… after all this time can you not for the love of the goddess just tell me what’s going on because I can feel that destruction in you again,” she leaned towards Tash and put a hand on the Human’s shoulder, “Tash I’m not just going to sit back and watch you crash and burn so if you aren’t going to let me in I don’t know if I can do this.”

Tash felt herself unraveling in her head, she had almost forgotten the life she had to give up, the woman she had started out as, she’d been left alone by everyone for the last year so she’d almost come to believe this was her life.

Being with Liselle working for Aria, it wasn’t a bad life, and she’d even considered trying to cut ties with Cerberus and just living one life, here on Omega… and then the call to this new assignment… smashing into her old life… the life she should have had.

“I feel like my head is in pieces, I don’t… Leese I can’t keep lying… to you… to everyone… to myself… its shit” she turned so that she would be able to see the reaction in Liselle’s eyes; she wanted to see the moment her only piece of sanity was destroyed.

“You know I washed out of the Alliance but what you don’t know is why… I was recruited by Cerberus to be an agent inside the Alliance but I got exposed and thrown out… it was all hushed up,” she saw a look of shock and then fear in Liselle’s eyes.

“So your only with me to spy on Aria… all this was just part of your cover… if Aria finds out she’ll kill you or worse,” Liselle had moved back away from Tash and in that moment the last piece of Tash’s resolve failed her.

“No Leese this was never part of that lie… I’d never do anything to betray you… or Aria for some strange fuckin reason… I did my work for Cerberus when I went on those private jobs… they didn’t… I wasn’t here for them.”

Tash searched Liselle’s face for some kind of sign that she would understand, “that’s not the whole thing though… Leese I’ve been under cover for so long I really don’t know who I am anymore… or why… meld with me… I’ll show you everything, all of it… please?”

Liselle could see only too plainly the pain in Tash’s eyes but the revelation that her lover was a Cerberus agent was staggering, she really believed she knew who this woman was at some level, but Cerberus were alien haters, they were racist terrorists, was that who she’d shared her bed with for five years, who she’d trusted in fire fights, who she’d vouched for to her mother.

“I thought I knew you Tasha,” Liselle’s voice was flat, emotionless and it stung Tash as if she’d been physically hit, “I’ll let you show me in a meld, but if I sense your hiding anything then I’m not going to believe anything you say and you’d better get as far away from Omega as you can and never come back because I will tell Aria.”

“I’ve done some terrible things Leese trying to build my cover with Cerberus, shit that I’ll never get clean from, but I guess no worse than I’ve done being a merc…” Tash knew she’d have to let Liselle see it all, the assassinations, the torture; all the things that Cerberus expected from its field agents and what she had to do to ‘prove’ herself.

So they melded and Tash shared the deepest secret of all… that as soon as Cerberus tried to recruit her she had reported it to her CO, then the meeting with Alliance Intelligence and the double bluff she had been asked to take on.

Having an agent inside Cerberus was something that the Alliance badly needed and the opportunity didn’t come around that often, they asked her to do it for the Alliance; it was her duty to serve where she was most needed. 

She would be making a huge sacrifice but it would probably not need to be for long… only long enough for her to find out who Cerberus had within Alliance high command.

The young and idealistic Alliance officer agreed and so she said yes to Cerberus.

The Alliance plan was that within a short space of time she would be exposed and thrown out of the Alliance.   She would then be taken inside Cerberus and would need to work her way up to a position of trust with the Illusive Man.

And that’s what she did and had been doing but instead of being under cover for months or even a couple of years her Alliance handler kept telling her to stay as she hadn’t infiltrated enough. 

She pleaded to be let back in, that Cerberus was built on cells, that the likelihood of her ever being in a position to know the kind of information they wanted was probably never going to happen.

 But they just kept telling her to stay and wait because the information she was able to give them was useful.

Tash had been through two handlers now and the last one didn’t even bother to recognise her status, she was an Intelligence asset nothing more, there was nothing for her to come back to.

He had implied she would be treated like a traitor as she worked for Cerberus he had no record of the ‘deal’ she had made when she had been thrown out of the Alliance… apparently her dismissal from the Alliance had been covered up so well that the records really did say it was for behaviour unbecoming an Alliance officer linked to drug taking.

If Cerberus ever found out she was a double agent they’d kill her in a heartbeat and you don’t just leave Cerberus. 

Her life, over ten years of her life, who she was, what she thought she was fighting for, everything she believed in all corrupted and torn to pieces… all for nothing… she felt betrayed and used and the only thing that felt real anymore was her life on Omega.

 And now that was unravelling being close to Shepard and having what she’d lost staring her in the face every day.

They parted from the meld and Liselle pulled Tash down onto the bed and held her, stroking her hair, “its ok we’ll work it out, somehow, what do they want you to do on Shepard’s mission?”

“Cerberus seems to be obsessed with LV’s relationship with T’Soni.  If she comes back on the scene I’m supposed to ‘get rid of her’ which means set up an accident or make sure she doesn’t make it in a fire fight.

Or let one of their people know where she is so they can take her out directly… I can’t do that Leese, I won’t do that… but what the hell do I do… if it’s not me it’ll be someone else… but I can’t tell LV… I’d have to tell her the whole thing… I’m still under orders shit though they are.” 

Her words came from a deep place inside her a place where there was still a shred of decency, or honour.

“But if the Alliance has hung you out to dry you don’t owe them a thing Tasha they’ve taken more from you than was fair, they screwed you over you don’t owe them a thing… we have to find a way of getting you out of Cerberus then you can be your own master… you can stay here with us on Omega, with me.”

Liselle was already thinking of ways she could tell her mother and have her sort it all out.  She just had to stop Aria going ballistic about the Cerberus agent bit… but Aria would sort it out, there wasn’t anything she couldn’t.

They both fell asleep and woke up again late in the afternoon and after a joint shower which lasted much longer than if it had been about just getting clean, they were both finally dressed and ready to venture out for food.

“How soon have you got to head back,” Liselle asked.

“Late tomorrow I really shouldn’t have left I have a marine squad to train,” she smiled at the irony but then remembered the guy from the previous night, “you have to know I noticed that Paul guy coming at you with drinks, so what the hell’s going on there?”

“Hey look we’ve never been exclusive when it comes to sex, and its only because Aria asked me to check him out she’s having difficulty with his background, he’s still new in Aria’s terms so she doesn’t trust him.”

“But he’s been working for her for over a year now… so how long have you got to work for Aria to not be new… and yeah we’ve had sex with other people but I thought I was your only human… I feel… replaced,” she laughed as she spoke as much at her own flash of jealousy as at her joke.

“Oh you will always be my special human,” Liselle was laughing too but then in a more serious tone said, “but you do get that we’ve been together longer than I’ve been with anyone else… and I must care for you a bit as I’m covering up the fact you’ve just confessed to working for two of Aria’s biggest enemies.”

Tash pulled Liselle into an embrace and they kissed and when they parted she said, “now don’t get all soft on me Leese you know I’m not girlfriend material,” but she said it in a soft tone and their eye’s lingered on each other.

“Hum yeah well we’ll see, now let’s get some food I’m starved.”

They went out for food and then spent some time at Tash’s apartment before returning to the club much later.  They met up with friends and spent time drinking and dancing, Paul Johnson joined them and Tash felt a wave of jealousy which she kept well hidden.

But there was something between them she was sure of it, he made her laugh, he was troubled, with a past, broken, and there was an ease between them, it seemed that was Liselle’s type.

Tash pushed the thoughts away she wasn’t going to screw up what she had by going all jealous rage, that’s not who she was… although if she was honest with herself she was having great difficulty working out just who the fuck she really was anymore given how long she’d been playing a part.

Grizz came up beside her and quietly told her Aria wanted to see her so Tash slipped away and followed the tall Turian up to the Queen of Omega’s balcony.

Aria was sitting with her arms outstretched across the back of the long sofa and Tash came to a halt in front of her standing at ease with hands clasped behind her.

“I would expect one of my staff to let me know in advance when they are going to be off working for someone else, especially when that someone is a Council Spectre,” Aria’s voice was cold her face unreadable and her eyes piercing.

“Sorry boss, but I’ve always done a bit of freelance… and it’s a family thing,” Tash smiled trying to work out what Aria’s angle was.

“It must be hard for you though, looking at the successful decorated Alliance officer that you weren’t good enough to be. The dark sheep, the drop out of the family alongside the shining example of goodness.”

The last word was said with a sneer and Tash pushed down the anger that was rising in her.

“Yep hit the nail right on the head there Aria I’m just a masochist I guess, self-torture, nothing like it,” she kept her tone light and waited for what Aria was going to ask her to do.

“Well you still work for me Mikhailovich unless you want to give up the benefits of being able to visit Omega and all it has to offer whenever you want.”

 Aria’s tone became even harder and Tash thought she saw something else flash momentarily in her eyes. “So I want you to let me exactly what your cousin is up to, regular reports on who she’s meeting with; what she’s working on, anything that might be interesting.”

“Of course, but I’m still pretty much kept at arm’s length, not sure my cousin entirely trusts me… but I’ll tell you everything I know,” Tash didn’t like the threat but she wasn’t going to front up to Aria, right now Omega was the only home Tash had and she wasn’t going to risk it for anyone.

Back downstairs she caught another glimpse of Paul Johnson and this time she saw the way he was looking at Liselle, she knew that look and he’d slept with her, Tash was sure of it… after all that’s what ‘checking out’ meant in Aria’s terms.  Pillow talk and a sense from the meld if you’re smart enough and Liselle was certainly smart enough  except she hadn’t know that Tash was a threat so if Johnson was some kind of plant would she know. 

Tash had training, with the Alliance and Cerberus to block her mind off, shield its secrets and so would Johnson if he was an agent, she might just find out if he was Cerberus, then she could hand him up to Aria if he was, get in her good books and remove the competition at the same time.

For now she would play nice and enjoy the rest of her visit, she had no idea when she’d get back.

Day 3 Normandy refit – Thessia

Shepard had just got back to the Normandy from her meeting with the Matriarch’s and Priestess’s and was exhausted.  The joining had been difficult as they wanted to see each of the beacons and her conversation with Sovereign. Then there were the discussions and questions.

But it had gone well and they had agreed to meet with Hackett and Anderson to discuss how they could form what in effect would be a shadow council.

There were some big questions still outstanding. How they would ensure its secrecy and expand its membership to include representatives from all the Council races, but it was real progress.

Shepard was in the process of taking off her boots when her door buzzer sounded and she reluctantly called “come in if it’s really important”.

It was Miranda who came in through the door and most unusually looked really upset.

“What in heaven’s name if the matter Miranda, come and sit down,” Shepard stood up and motioned towards the sofa, “can I get you a drink, Serrice brandy?”

“I… oh… perhaps yes a small brandy… I’m so sorry but I didn’t know… I don’t have anyone else to turn to…” the women sat down on the sofa and took the glass when Shepard offered it.

“Commander I have a twin sister… and my father has been looking for her ever since I managed to get her away from him.  I could only do it with the help of the Illusive Man and up till now he kept his word to protect her and help me keep her whereabouts a secret from my father.

But things have changed… I’ve… well the Illusive Man doesn’t have as much trust and confidence in me as he once did… I’m afraid my work on you… I didn’t share it with him, but he found out I was keeping some of my best research from him… and then the baby… well.” 

“Slowly Miranda take it slowly… what’s happened to your sister,” Shepard tried to calm down the scientist who she was shocked to see unravelling before her eyes.

“He’s found out, my father’s found out where my sister’s family is and I’ve managed to get them to a place of safety temporarily… but I need a solution and I’m sure the Illusive Man is sending me a message and if I ask him for his help…

Well I just don’t trust him anymore and now I don’t know how to protect her.

I can be open and tell you this in your quarters because I know you’ve cut the Cerberus feed and you’ve been interfering with their monitoring of other sensitive areas. I’m good at what I do Commander, but I haven’t said anything and I won’t,” Miranda looked at Shepard and there was fire in her eyes but also an unspoken pleading.

“I’ll do anything I can to help, we can work something out.  I’ll get working on it straight away… try not to worry… are they safe where they are do you need us to go get them?”

“They will be fine for a few days, they are on Illium, thank you Shepard I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you… but you do need to know something… please forgive me but it was always about protecting my sister best weight loss supplement.

Your cousin, Tash is a Cerberus agent here to watch me because they are worried about my loyalty but also with a mission to kill Liara,” Miranda’s eyes were now filled with fear as Shepard’s face and her entire demeanor changed at the mention of Liara.

“And your only telling me now Miranda… for fucks sake you could have told me just to warn me… and would you have just stood by and let Liara be in danger so long as Harper could hold your sisters safety over your head,” Shepard had stood up and was pacing backwards and forwards fists clenched rage coursing through her body.

“I’m so sorry Shepard. I really don’t think I would have stayed silent if Liara ever came into danger. But she’s very ill isn’t she and you’re not even together anymore,” Miranda’s sounded genuine but continued in a more concerned tone.

“I understand if you don’t want to help me but please for my sisters sake she’s innocent in all this,” Miranda was on the verge of tears as she watched the enraged woman in front of her.

“Do I look like Jack fucking Harper…? I won’t not help you just because you’ve been blackmailed by that monster and I won’t let harm come to innocent people,” Shepard took some deep breaths and reigned in her anger.

“I’m just disappointed that you thought I wouldn’t understand or that I wouldn’t help you Miranda,” Shepard sat back down and poured herself a large shot of brandy and finished it in one swallow.

“Right I’ll get straight on sorting out a safe place and new identity and all that stuff for you sister and her family, I’ll need details… but Miranda I need you to behave as if nothing has happened… you don’t give any sign that you’ve told me about Tash… you carry on as normal and you leave her to me… I’ll deal with that problem personally.”

After Miranda had left Shepard turned back to the brandy and poured another glass, ‘so that was what she was hiding I knew I could sense something… I can’t believe it…  but Miranda wouldn’t lie… and I’ll certainly ask my dear cousin if it’s true and why she became a fuckin traitor right before I put a bullet in her head.’

Shepard finished the bottle and passed out on the sofa still reeling from the news that Miranda had given her, still in a rage and still swearing vengeance not only on Tash but also on her puppet master… Jack Harper.

Chapter 35