Through a glass, darkly

A Mass Effect Trilogy  retelling

A knowledge of the video games Mass Effect Trilogy will be highly beneficial/expected for this version of the story, its not a deal maker if your prepared to go with it.

This is a FemShep/Liara romance.  Solidly left of cannon. Edgy with very dark themes, character/relationship focused with plenty of sexystuff.  Original characters and story lines, political intrigue and plenty of action on the side.  But we do deal with adult themes at times.

We do not follow a linear timeline nor do the events in this story follow the exact timeline in the game, almost, but not quite.

Shepard struggles with the pressure, her anxiety and fears.  Liara struggles with the fallout from Shepard's death and return.  Includes storyline with Aria and time on Thessia.

The first few chapters begin by running through some of the more familiar missions in the game.  But we transition into a more narrative form rather than following the game.  This is where we move on to  original and left of centre storylines and the characters find their own unique (to this retelling) voices.

This first series/Part 1 will take us through ME 1 & 2 and a little way into ME3

The second series/Part 2  continues our unique storylines and bridges us into the Andromeda Initiative.  And we keep going all the way to the final confrontation with the Reapers.

I will be providing a precis/overview of Part 1 for anyone who wants to pick up the story as we start Part 2 further down this page so if you want to read Part 1 without spoilers then I suggest you skip that.

It is rated mature for violence, language and sexual content. 

This story was first published and continues to be updated on FanFiction.Net

*The early chapters in Part 1 are not as I'd write them now but they allowed me to find my feet and my voice

**I am  looking for an artist to join me to create some illustrations for this and other stories I'm working on and also to work on a graphic novel

***I'm using art mainly from artists on where they capture the mood or have prompted me in some way while I've been writing. I will be crediting every artist I use and eventually will have all their work on the credits page... also for the music it is all credited and available via iTunes and I'll try to sort out links for that as well

****I am also playing with the design of this website to try to get it to work for me to post more work

I also don't have a beta reader and despite revising each chapter quite a few times I still go back and see dumb grammer or missing words... sigh... sorry.  Hope it doesn't distract too much.

Coming Soon

A precis/overview of Through a glass, darkly Part 1