For anyone that might be interested here is a page that from time to time will reflect what I am surrounding myself with... for inspiration... or distraction


Writing is hard

It is the application of the trouser seat to the chair in front of the laptop and hard brain work.

And then the thoughts, the words, the time flows and there are black symbols on a clean white page.

As time goes on I will ramble and share... things... oh I have no idea at this point you're just going to have to stick with it.

Liara T'Soni

For those familiar with Mass Effect she needs no introduction, but often some defending.  This is definitely a Liara friendly zone and perhaps I'll ramble on about the way her character has been interpreted and extended in the many, many stories out there that include her.

The first time

Behold my pin board of randomness

 this is a little snippet of my Sci Fi pin board although I do have other interests 🙂


Had a mini binge on BBT and I really do love being able to 'get' science jokes... above anything its pretty laugh out loud geekness



So yeah... for someone whose imagination is constantly flying beyond Earth's atmosphere it's no surprise this is on the pin board

But lets not forget that China are doing their own thing in space

mass_effect_andromeda-N7-omni_tool-1920x1080Mass Effect Andromeda

Yes the next installment in the ME universe.  I really can't wait to get to our closest decent sized neighbouring Galaxy

Sometimes you just have to spend a long weekend re-watching the classics...

galaxy_saga__applibot__the_lance_hunter_by_djahal-d5x4uzeDigital Artists rock @deviantart

There are some amazing artists sharing their work on you should go visit.

I'll be putting up a thank you and recognition page to list all the artists whose work I'm using on this site both as illustration and for inspiration.

winter_city_by_niconoff-d5o3d0nSparking the imagination

This picture immediately grabbed me and for the last year I've been toying with scenarios that would involve this location.

At some point I will immerse myself in that city and walk its streets.

images (2)All things Mass Effect

I really have no idea why this story set in a video game captured me so completely.