Chapter 73 – end of Part 1

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Normandy command deck, en route Arcturus – fifteen hours after the explosion on the station

Shepard had been awake from her operation for less than ten minutes.

Miranda had done what Shepard had asked and patched up the worst of her injuries. And she was cloning lungs, liver, a kidney and an eye ready for when the Commander would sit still for the much bigger operation.

In the mean time she had done some outstanding work ably assisted by Karin Chakwas to restructure one lung, patched the liver and not only re-programmed the nanites to focus on respiratory support but introduced new ones to aid the skeletal damage.

“Shepard you are in no state to do anything physical. Your nanites are still repairing your damaged skeleton and some of the minor crush injuries which should take place while you have complete bed rest,” Miranda was trying her best to impress on Shepard just how fragile she was.

“Bring my dress uniform,” Shepard had difficulty breathing and talking. She was working on it but her voice was not much more than a hoarse whisper.

“Is everything ready for the conference call,” Shepard directed this comment at Tash.

“Yes, they’re all waiting for you to hop on.”

When her uniform arrived both Tash and Miranda had to help her into it as movement was not only difficult but painful.

“The pain meds won’t dull my senses?” Shepard asked both doctors.

“No Commander but it does mean you will still be in considerable pain. I do wish you would reconsider

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