Chapter 70

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Normandy, final approach to Earth – two weeks before the Systems Alliance elections

“So to conclude the briefing let me make it crystal clear. You are not expected nor should you get involved publicly in the elections. But you will be exposed to a lot of press so who knows what they may ask you.”

Shepard was talking to the whole crew most of whom were in the mess hall and the rest at their posts.

“You will have Alliance press office handlers at all the events you volunteer to attend and there a few ceremonies’ we will attend as a crew. There will also be services for our lost colonies which will inevitably include interviews with the media.”

She paused and reminded herself that not every member of her crew may hate being recognised as a hero.

“In a few days nearly all of you will have the opportunity to reunite with your families. The Alliance is flying them in from wherever they are on Earth or the Colonies. Those of you who lost your families to the Collectors can join me

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