Shepard blinked her eyes open as consciousness began to reassert itself. She was not alone and the memories of the previous day and night caused her to close her eyes and take a slightly deeper measured breath before turning to the still sleeping Asari next to her.

Shepard propped herself on an elbow, rested her face in her hand and took the opportunity to study Liara’s face, neck and the sweep of her shoulders. They hadn’t stripped naked and both remained clad in underwear but she could feel the warmth of her companions’ skin and when she could resist it no more Shepard reached out her hand and let her fingers brush lightly across the Liara’s cheek and then traced the line of her neck to her shoulder.

Before Shepard’s fingers had even drifted down to her Asari’s neck Liara’s eyes flickered open and a soft smile traced itself on those full blue lips.

‘Sorry but I always wake up ridiculously early, even when I’m on leave

Chapter 7