Chapter 69

Arcturus Station, mid-morning – seven days after Shepard gave herself up

Shepard had spent all the time after being rescued to now being checked over in medical wing then giving a statement to the military police about her attempted abduction.

Her guardian angel, Paula Dunbar, had been doing the same and now they were both looking a little the worse for wear sitting outside Admiral Hackett’s office awaiting his imminent return.

There was a flurry of activity coming from the corridor outside the anti-room where they were sitting and the officer who had quietly been doing paperwork behind his desk jumped to his feet.

Shepard and Dunbar did the same and stood to attention as Hackett strode into the room six or seven officer in his wake.

As the senior officer in the room Shepard saluted and got one in return from Hackett.

“At ease people,” he turned to the gaggle following him, “get on with what we’ve discussed I’ll expect an update in an hour.”

Then turning to Captain Dunbar he said, “I hear you saved the day Captain and I suspect your commanding officer will be very pleased to have you join her,” Hackett held out his hand.

Dunbar seemed frozen to the spot but then shot out her hand, “very

Chapter 69