Chapter 62

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A/N There is some sexy stuff in this chapter not as detailed as it has been in the past and I’d be interested in your feedback about that aspect of the story so far and going forward

Aboard the Cerberus research ship docked with the dead Reaper, Hawking Eta

They reached what was obviously the air lock between the science ship and the Reaper without incident.

No one was left aboard the ship although in places it appeared as if its crew had just walked away from what they were doing. Despite its brightly lit, pristine white ceramic and steel environment the ship held an eerie quality.

Tash was watching a vid feed of two of the crew talking to each other about shared memories which they had already seen plenty of as part of the mission briefing.

“So how long did it take before they started to go screwy,” Tash said as she turned from the console, her shotgun butt resting on one hip and pointing straight up.

“From what we could tell from watching the feeds and reading their reports it started within the first few days,” Liara said now approaching the air lock where Shepard was standing.

Shepard turned to face her team, squared her shoulders and made a decision.

“We’ll split into two teams and make our way to where we predict the main drive core, where what’s left of the brain,” she pulled a face despite herself, “is probably located.

“Garrus I want you to lead the second team and start out on this route.” Shepard indicated one of the four main corridors that appeared to run the length of the ship and into the un-mapped areas.

Garrus nodded as Shepard continued, “I’ll take Liara, Grunt, Tash and Quigley with me. Senna, Skark, O’Hooley and Karling with Garrus.”

She noticed Jack moving towards her obviously about to volunteer her services but Shepard had noticed the proximity to the Reaper vessel was having more of an effect on the young biotic than the rest of the team.

“No Jack I need you in reserve in case we need backup later,” Shepard said and her volatile team member looked a little mollified, “the rest of you back to the shuttle and back to the Normandy, did you get that Malenia,” Shepard asked her shuttle pilot over her suit comms.

“Copy that Commander,” Shepard could sense the question from her pilot but everyone knew better than to ask questions when a mission was live. Their Commander was more than happy to do a full mission debrief after they had achieved their objective.

Shepard punched the door lock and the inner door opened. When they were all in the chamber and the door had closed behind them she punched the door lock that would give them access to the Reaper ship.

They stepped out into what was obviously some form of corridor but it was only just wide enough for two non Krogan members of the team in full armour.

“Anyone notice anything a little off,” Shepard asked over suit comms while they were setting up their body and helmet lights.

“According to my readings the atmosphere is breathable air,” Liara said quietly.

“And we have gravity,” Garrus said and then continued, “so just how many hostiles can we assume are wandering around this ship?”

“Combined total between the science team and the troops sent after them should be about ninety,” Shepard said and for a moment wondered if they should stick together as one team.

“Well with the size of these corridors we’d only be able to use half our firepower if we stuck together,” Tash said bringing nods from Garrus and Shepard.

“Ok, let’s do this

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