Normandy flight deck, in position off the Shadow Brokers base, upper atmosphere, Hagalaz, Siwho System

Despite the Normandy’s effective suite of inertia dampers, Edi’s active system management and Jokers excellent piloting the ship was still being thrown around as if it was a piece of flotsam on the tide.

The Normandy was in full stealth mode but was not invisible and they had already noticed viewing ports along some of the side sections of the huge mining ship which was why they were positioned directly above their their quarry.

On the flight deck final checks and preparations were being made by the four assault teams who were waiting for the order to get into their shuttles. The three sleek silver and blue Asari heavy assault shuttles made their Alliance counterpart look even more brick like than it usually did.

Shepard and Liara’s team, which included Grunt and Garrus, would land at the front of the giant ship where Edi and Kas had predicted held the best chance of finding the main command centre and therefore the Broker.

Aria would lead her commando’s, with added muscle and tech from the Normandy’s Krogan and Turian teams, to the next section of the ship which was thought to be where any organic crew would be located.

Miranda, taking Tash’s place, would lead a similar team to land farther back on the ship where they were hoping to find its engineering system control centres.

Liselle was leading the final team, which included Kas for extra tech support, to attack the rear of the ship where, if Edi’s predictions were correct most of the VI mechs would be stored when not in use.

The Normandy’s bay doors were fully retracted and only the blue shimmering protection of a stasis field kept out not only the cold vacuum of space but the raging storm that gave the Brokers ship its protection from any detection unless you knew exactly where to look.

The planet was a D class world which was completely uninhabitable its oceans boiling by day and snap freezing at night. With constant storms that raged in its upper atmosphere any vessel crashing towards the planet that made it through the storms would be destroyed on the surface. The Broker had positioned his ship in what looked like the biggest of those storms and circled the planet in its grasp.

Shepard did a final sweep of the deck and noticed one of her squad leaders was missing, “where’s Liselle,” she turned and asked Liara quietly.

“She went to check on Tash and

Chapter 56