Chapter 18

Shepard was brooding on the events of the night before and despite Liara’s best efforts she refused to talk about what had happened.

Even when her mother arrived Shepard continued to slouch on the sofa and stare without really seeing at the movie playing out its story on the large vid screen on the wall.

Liara and Hannah exchanged a look and as Liara switched of the screen Hannah Shepard sat down opposite her daughter and spoke to her.

“He is a complete shit Lydia and I have never understood why he can affect you so much, for god’s sake he’s only your father’s half-brother and a more pompous, uptight, irrelevant ass it is difficult to meet this side of a political convention,” she was watching her daughter intently and was rewarded with a wan smile.

“I feel so embarrassed, I’m so sorry Liara, Mum, I really let you down, everything he says I am

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