So ME:Andromeda now has a timeline for leaving a glimpse of the company we’ll keep and the immediate peril (wanted a change from danger) we will be in when we arrive.

Of course I can’t wait to play the new game/story that BW writers have put together and I’m pretty confident it will be awesome… but… I’m already thinking about what my imagination can do with our new setting within the bigger story arc.

I’m going to have to play through the game at least five or six times before I want to even consider doing straight up fanfic with the main characters in game but I’m really interested to see if I can start amusing myself with some OC’s from their recruitment to the momen they go into cryo.

Of course that’s not going to happen until I finish my current FF but there is also an opportunity to weave one of my storylines into the Ai… we’ll see.

And let’s not forget I’m in the middle of doing the first draft of my original novel, final edits and revision on a couple of short stories and doing some very rough draft chapters for the new serial set in the Star Citizen universe.

This has turned into a to do list I think… well at least it’s something I can hold myself too… you know when I’m not avoiding writing anything by doing anything else that may or may not be important.

N7 day explosion of exciting stuff