First draft on the way

So I think I posted this on the main blog but I didn’t get as much done during the month of November with the support of NaNoWrimo as I was hoping but its still going well. Although I do have a couple of short stories I’m hoping to get finished and into a competition and …

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Chapter 71

[aesop_chapter title=”Chapter 71″ bgtype=”img” full=”on” img=”https://ddraigcoch.cymru/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ARTechnic-Japan-Concrete-Organic-Shell-Residence-Japan-101.jpg” bgcolor=”#888888″ revealfx=”off”] T’Soni estate, Thessia – one week after the Systems Alliance elections The Normandy settled onto her designated landing pad a short shuttle ride from the main house. Half the crew stayed behind on Earth to spend time with their families. The remaining Alliance crew and especially those …

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Chapter 70

[aesop_chapter title=”Chapter 70″ bgtype=”img” full=”on” img=”https://ddraigcoch.cymru/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/9956d88e930971f3ebe0014c9596efee-1.jpg” bgcolor=”#888888″ revealfx=”off”] Normandy, final approach to Earth – two weeks before the Systems Alliance elections “So to conclude the briefing let me make it crystal clear. You are not expected nor should you get involved publicly in the elections. But you will be exposed to a lot of press …

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Chapter 69

[aesop_chapter title=”Chapter 69″ bgtype=”img” full=”on” img=”https://ddraigcoch.cymru/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Tash4.jpg” bgcolor=”#888888″ revealfx=”off”] Arcturus Station, mid-morning – seven days after Shepard gave herself up Shepard had spent all the time after being rescued to now being checked over in medical wing then giving a statement to the military police about her attempted abduction. Her guardian angel, Paula Dunbar, had been …

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Chapter 68

[aesop_chapter title=”Chapter 68″ bgtype=”img” full=”on” img=”https://ddraigcoch.cymru/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/nadGRM7.jpg” bgcolor=”#888888″ revealfx=”off”] Liselle

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