Chapter 61

A/N Codex additions

Galactic Standard is the language used across the known Galaxy (and is the official language for Council business). It is a pared down version of Asari/Salarian with many Turian phrases and terms added over time. Earth Standard is spoken across Systems space and on Earth as the unifying language for Humanity and is a melding of English and Chinese with plenty of incorporated nuances from most other major languages still spoke on Earth. Earth standard words are now also finding their way into GSL.

Times and dates for Galactic Standard are obviously based on the metric system and dating begins from the discovery of the Citadel by the Asari (0 Common Era). These run alongside ‘local’ time for planets which are more in sync with the solar days.

*In our story we commonly use the ‘local’ Earth vernacular to aid immersion for minutes, hours, weeks etc.*

The Sol system runs on Earth time as local and was the Earth colony/systems standard time and dates until the Systems Alliance joined the Council races.

The actual year for Earth is 2255 and obviously the Asari ‘Thessian’ date is much older than the current 2186 CE.

T’Soni Estate, Thessia – Normandy upgrade

What Shepard had not been ready for from Liara’s pregnancy was the growing boost to her biotic power. It seemed when Asari were carrying their young their genetic code deemed it necessary to provide maximum protection.

The increase in power, duration and impact did depend on whether the Asari in question had developed her capabilities and in Liara’s case she had been doing just that since meeting up with Shepard back on Therum.

“So essentially while our girl is carrying junior she can tear anyone that looks like a threat into many, many pieces,” Aethyta said in a satisfied tone and taking another drink from the glass she was holding.

Shepard laughed, “Well she was pretty good at that anyway. How are you doing?”

The Normandy had landed late the previous night and Shepard was sitting in the gardens in bright morning sunshine while tantalising smells drifted on the slight breeze from the kitchens.

“I’m fine but Liara insists on my staying here and doing nothing except what the healers say. And as I’m trying to stay in her good books I’ll do just that for now. But yeah, she hasn’t forgiven you yet has she. Sorry about that kid, her mother was just the same,” Aethyta chuckled at the memory, “I remember one time Benezia got so mad with me when I

Chapter 61