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Been busy, yep

By admin | 12th August 2018 | Comments Off on Been busy, yep

So as you can see if anyone is still coming back and checking I’ve been pretty pants about blogging and updating my serial.  I’ll be uploading another 5 chapters over the next week, yes they are written and up on

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Must blog more?

By admin | 27th May 2017 | Comments Off on Must blog more?

So I’m obviously not the most consistent blogger… sigh.  Well trying to write my fanfic retelling of the Mass Effect Trilogy, working on my original novel, working on a few short stories and… well you get the picture. This is

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Countdown is getting real…

By admin | 22nd February 2017 | Comments Off on Countdown is getting real…

So its 22nd Feb and Andromeda is within reach.  And I did manage to finish part 1 of my ME:Trilogy fanfic… finally… I mean it was meant to be one of those quick end fixes.  Part 2 is well under

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Aaaaand its nearly Christmas/the festive season/late winter solstics or whatever you celebrate this time of year…

By admin | 15th December 2016 | Comments Off on Aaaaand its nearly Christmas/the festive season/late winter solstics or whatever you celebrate this time of year…

So there has been a load of info about Mass Effect:Andromeda and plenty of good coverage over the community forums and youtube.  Nothing much more to say except ‘are we nearly there yet!’ On the writing front things are good,

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N7 day explosion of exciting stuff

By admin | 11th November 2016 | Comments Off on N7 day explosion of exciting stuff

So ME:Andromeda now has a timeline for leaving a glimpse of the company we’ll keep and the immediate peril (wanted a change from danger) we will be in when we arrive. Of course I can’t wait to play the new

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Got started with NanoWrimo

By admin | 30th October 2016 | Comments Off on Got started with NanoWrimo

So finally got to a plan in and I’ve asked a couple questions on twitter.  This year I may just get the job done.

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By admin | 22nd October 2016 | Comments Off on NanoWrimo

Its a little over a week away before this years Nanowrimo challenge and I’ve just decided which original idea to focus on.  So more on that when I get started. However, that means I now have a hard target to

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Mass Effect and beyond

By admin | 14th September 2016 | Comments Off on Mass Effect and beyond

Ready, steady….. and are we nearly there yet. That is how most of us feel I think, those of us who’ve been waiting to take another journey in the Mass Effect universe since the end of the trilogy. But what’s

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